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What's it all about?

The aim of RhannuCeirCaerdydd is to give people travelling to work an extra travel option that will help in reducing the number of cars on the road.

Why would my organisation want to be involved?

Congestion costs businesses hundreds of millions of pounds a year and this scheme gives the business community the opportunity to actively assist in tackling the problem. Over flowing car parks make access to workplaces difficult and sometimes dangerous for staff, visitors and deliveries. It also makes the business appear untidy and unprofessional. A difficult, costly or stressful journey to work can often be a deciding factor in an employee's decision to change jobs. These are only some of the negative points yet they are in themselves all good reasons for an employer to consider how their employees get to and from work.

OK, so what about the benefits?

Being a member of the scheme means you will be providing your employees with an extra travel choice, which will help in retention of staff and open up previously unattainable recruitment opportunities. This will also be seen by staff as a benefit that you as an employer are providing them, which leads to a happier more satisfied workforce. As demand for car park space decreases you may be able to free up land for other more profitable uses. If not you will still be able to provide a more equitable distribution of parking privileges. Employees participating in the scheme will arrive at work less stressed from the journey and during the journey some informal business activity will invariably take place. You will also benefit from having an improved environmental image.

Will it cost me anything?

Yes, but not much.

Why do I need to register my organisation?

There are a number of reasons. We need the address for the post code matching to function. We need to know that you are willing to display posters and leaflets that we supply to promote the scheme to your employees. Finally, some of the security features we have built into the scheme require us to have a contact within your organisation.

How do I register my organisation?

If you are a travel planner, complete this form and we will get in touch.

If you are an employee and wish to cyd-deithio neu rannu ceir, first check the list below to see whether your employer is already a member of RhannuCeirCaerdydd:

If they are, you may register by selecting your employer from the list and then clicking "register" at the right.

If your employer is not in the list and you are interested in the possibility of cyd-deithio neu rannu ceir to your regular place of work within the RhannuCeirCaerdydd area, please encourage your management to consider joining the scheme by completing the company name on the following page.

Alternatively, email us at and we can contact your employer on your behalf.

If your organisation is outside the RhannuCeirCaerdydd area and you are interested in joining or setting up a cyd-deithio neu rannu ceir scheme, whether for a region or for a single employer, please contact Jambusters Ltd

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